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The PBMC Library is currently CLOSED to in-person visits.

However, if you’re interested in signing out something from the library**, here are instructions on how to do it:


**please remember that the library is only to be used by those who regularly attend this church. If you are a visitor and have not yet made PBMC your home church, we ask that you do not sign-out items from the library.

Step 1


Click on the LIBRARY INVENTORY LIST button and decide which items you would like to sign out. In order to reserve these items, you will need: The last name of the author, the title of the item, and the section code (found at the top of each library section in RED).




The sign-out limits* are as follows:

-2 books per person

-2 movies per family

-1 audio CD per person


*Please note: do not place any new reservations if you cannot return items you currently have signed-out. Example: If you place a new reservation, any library items you currently have in your home must be returned on the same day you pick-up your new items. Do not exceed the item limits in your home at any time.

Step 2


Fill out the form below to place your order. You will need the information from the inventory list that you collected in Step 1. You will also need to include the name you would like on the reservation and your phone number.





























Reservation Cut-Offs & Holds

-All library reservations MUST be submitted by 7:00 pm on Thursdays. Any requests sent after this time will not be recognized for that week.


-All items are subject to availability. If something you’ve requested is not available (someone else already has it signed out), your name will be put on a hold list for that item. You will be notified when it is ready for pick-up.


-All available items will be ready for you the Sunday after you place your reservation. For example: If you send in your request between Nov. 20 & 26, your items will be ready for pick-up on Sunday, Nov. 29.


Step 3


-Your library items will be bagged or bundled and waiting for you on a table outside of the church library on Sunday morning. Please pick-up your bundle BEFORE going into your church service. DO NOT TOUCH any bag or bundle that DOES NOT HAVE YOUR NAME on it.

-If your bundle is not picked up, your items will be returned to the library and re-shelved.


Step 4


-When you are ready to return your library books and movies, please gently drop them into the library drop slot located beside the mailboxes, underneath the library window. Please return your items BEFORE going into your church service.

-Movies, CD’s, and Children’s picture books can be kept for only 1 week.

-Chapter books can be kept for up to 3-weeks.

-Please try to return your items on time. Our library is very small, and there may be someone else waiting to enjoy a book or movie that you have signed out.

-If you have overdue library items in your home, you may receive an email, reminding you to return those items. 

-Unfortunately, if a book, movie, or audio CD is lost or damaged while in your home, you will be asked to pay a ‘replacement’ fee so that the library can purchase a new item. Parents should be aware of the library items that their children are signing out. Library books and movies should be returned in the same condition as they were when you picked them up.

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